2017 Turkish Robotics Off-season

Event Overview

The 2017 Turkish Robotics Off-Season was held on December 1-4, 2017 at Ülker Spor ve Etkinlik Salonu.The game played was FIRST Steamworks

The event hosted 53 teams from around Turkey, and one team from Italy, making this our first international event. The event brought another 20 schools into the program for the Off-Season, and sparked a net growth of 23 teams in the official season, for a total of 53 Turkish teams competing in Turkey and abroad during the 2018 Season. Turkey was the fastest growing country in the FIRST Robotics Competition in 2018

The 2017 Off-Season followed the same format as 2015 and 2016, with a very notable exception. The 2017 Off-Season did not draw a game from the archives, and instead played the same game FIRST had run that same year. This meant the event could use the full Field Management System, and use official field elements. The result was that the event ran much smoother, and the Foundation and its volunteers gained valuable experience managing the real field control system. The Kickoff for the 2017 Off-Season was held at Akatlar Kültür Merkezi in Beşiktaş. The city of Beşiktaş graciously provided the kickoff event space free of charge.

Sponsors and Supporters of the 2017 Turkish Robotics Off-Season
Team List for the 2017 Turkish Robotics Off-Season