First Robotics Off-Season Competition Turkey

Aim High – FIRST 2006, Turkey 2015

2015 saw the first Off-season event in Turkey organized by Fikret Yüksel Foundation. The event was held on the 2-5th of December, 2015 at Ülker Spor ve Etkinlik Salonu. The game played at the event was Aim High, which had never been played by any of the previously existing 8 Turkish teams. This game was selected because it was fun, and every single team would have to build a new robot for it, ensuring a fun and fair competition for the rookie teams!

This Off-Season competition greatly helped us grow the FIRST® Robotics Competition in Turkey, with 19 new teams at the event, leading to the 2016 official season in which we had 20 teams travel to the U.S. to compete, up from eight in the 2015 Season.

Sponsors and Supporters of the First Robotics Off-Season Competition Turkey
Team List at 2015 – First Robotics Off-Season